PFA 2024 Environmental & Sustainability Award


We are pleased to announce that nominations are now being accepted for the 2024 ‘Innovation in Sustainability’ Award to all PFA Members.

Winners of the inaugural PFA Innovation in Sustainability Award will be announced at the PFA 2024 Conference.

The PFA Innovation in Sustainability Award acknowledges Property Funds that have implemented groundbreaking and inventive approaches towards environmental sustainability within their real estate holdings.

You must be a PFA member to submit a nomination and the property you are nominating must also be owned by a PFA Member.

Make sure to submit your nominations before the deadline to be considered for this award.

24 months after Practical Completion and start of building operations. The project should demonstrate with full 12 month of operational data the operational efficiency, emissions reduction, NABERS, Greenstar, WELL or Climate Active ratings etc. as evidence of outcomes.

Closing Date for nominations is Friday 15 March 2024

You can access the nomination form here.

Judging Criteria

Environmental Impact: Assessment of the overall positive impact on the environment, such as reduction in carbon footprint, energy efficiency, waste management, and water conservation within the properties managed by the fund.

Innovation and Technology Adoption: Evaluation of innovative technologies and practices employed to enhance sustainability, including renewable energy adoption, green building certifications, smart systems, and eco-friendly design solutions.

Long-term Sustainability Strategy and Verified Outcomes: Examination of the fund’s comprehensive and long-term strategy for sustainability, including clear goals, measurable targets, and plans for continuous improvement in environmental performance.

Financial Performance and ROI: Consideration of how sustainability initiatives contribute to financial performance, cost savings, increased property value, and return on investment for the fund.

Adaptability and Scalability: Evaluation of initiatives that are adaptable across different property types or geographical locations and have the potential for scalability within the real estate industry.