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14th December, 2022 | No Comments

With Greg Preston and Benjamin Martin-Henry.


Welcome to Property Funds Association of Australia’s Podcast on Property, a discussion between property industry experts on the influential trends and stories behind the headline numbers in commercial property investment.

Our inaugural episode features Greg Preston, Managing Director of Preston Rowe Paterson, and Benjamin Martin-Henry, Head of Real Assets Research, Pacific at MSCI Real Assets, to discuss:

• How transaction volumes have fared in 2022 and what the preliminary Q4 figures reveal.
• Are any sectors behaving differently and the demarcation between REITs and property valuations.
• The forces driving changes in valuations – inflation, interest rates, cost of capital and transactions data
• The challenges facing valuations: decompression of cap rates vs rental growth; short term pressures vs long term growth normalisation for DCFs
• Weight of capital factors: domestic superannuation and international investors.
• The conundrum of working from home – a factor in the office market turbulence.
• The need for vibrant cities – have a ‘put another prawn on the barbie’ campaign?
• Alternative assets booming over the last two years.
• Property performance in times of uncertainty and downturn – a defensive sector. How is this cycle different?

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