PFA Conference 2023 – Presentations

The following speakers gave stimulating and insightful presentations at the PFA Conference 2023.  These presentations are only available to PFA Members.
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Paul Bloxham, Chief Economist for Australia, New Zealand and Global Commodities, HSBC

Finding Long Term Trends in Short Term Volatility: Economic outlook for the global and domestic economies

Benjamin Martin-Henry, Head of Pacific Real Estate Research, MSCI Real Assets

Global Property Trends: Volumes, performance and regulatory changes

Jennifer Johnstone-Kaiser, Principal Consultant, Property Leader, Frontier Advisors

Global and Local Asset Allocation Looking through the economic disruption

Michelle McNally, Chief Executive Officer, Aware Real Estate

Aware Real Estate Property: Developing a direct property investment platform

Adam Murchie, Director, Forza Capital

Reworking Existing Assets: A case study on how to adapt existing assets to a more sustainable future

Matt O’Halloran, Head of Development, Quintessential Equity

Developing the Geelong Civic Precinct A case study on sustainable property development

Paul Powderly, State Chief Executive ACT, Colliers

Government in the Canberra Market: How the demand for sustainability is driving the market and shaping the future of office as an asset class

The “Burning” Question - New Build or Refurbish? Which fits the ESG profile best for a B/C grade building

A discussion led by Rhonda Lenardon, Director, KPMG; with Joan Ko, Principal, Australasian Climate & Sustainability Services Leader, Arup; and Zoe Ferrari, Investment Manager, ISPT

Melissa Hardy, Director Business Performance and Technology, QIC

QIC’s Canberra Centre: An evolution towards town centre – from retail hub to mixed-use community

Tasha Lorimer, Project Leasing Manager, QIC

QIC’s Canberra Centre: An evolution towards town centre – from retail hub to mixed-use community

Kelvin McKeown, Fund Manager, Agriculture, Centuria Capital Limited

How to Grow an Ag Fund: Centuria’s Agriculture Fund

Dr Siddharth Shirodkar, Principal Economist, Indigenous Business Australia

Building Wealth for First Nations Peoples: Indigenous Business Australia and its journey in property

Rob Hattersley, Group Head of Capital, MaxCap Group

The Rise of Non-Bank Lending: Capturing the benefits of a counter-cyclical asset class

Rohan Shan, Senior Consultant, Atchison

CY22 Watershed: Diversification value of Unlisted Property to the fore – Highlights from the PFA Atchison Performance Report