Sustainability is an emerging force which has the potential to significantly affect investment returns (both positively and negatively). Recognising the potential for impact upon direct property investment, PFA has established a dedicated Sustainability Committee. This Committee is staffed by a diverse array of sustainability experts whose aim is to inform members of important changes within the sustainability space.  Sustainability is a broad and very dynamic area and the Committee hopes to help members understand, reap and promote the economic, environmental and social wealth benefits offered by sustainable property investment.   

Importantly, the Committee aims to demonstrate the positive correlation between sustainability practice and improved financial return. In doing so, we hope to cut through the “green wash” and present members with regular updates on key sustainability issues that may impact on direct property investment. 

 Committee Members


Tony Rose - Lachlan Partners

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Shane Quinn
 - Quintessential

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Ione McKenzie - Property Funds Association
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Sustainability Legal Updates


Environmental Upgrade Agreements

Mary Digiglio, partner at SWAAB Attorneys, and PFA have prepared a report explaining the purpose and meaning of Environment Upgrade Agreements.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the report


CBD Legislation

Mary Digiglio, partner at SWAAB Attorneys recently gave a presentation at the Australian Property Institute on CBD legislation.

Click here to view the full presentation


IAS 137 - Accounting for the damage

The proposed IAS 137 is forcing finance chiefs to rethink how they manage their liabilities for cleaning up contaminated land - and at least one company is ready with a solution.

Click here to read the full article


Building Energy Efficiency Update

The Commercial Buildings Mandatory Disclosure Regime has undergone amendments, effective 29 November 2010, related to mixed use buildings and refurbishments. The Local Government Amendment (Environmental Upgrade Agreements) Bill 2010 facilitates a financing mechanism for building owners to implement major long term energy efficiency upgrades to buildings.

Click here for further information

A copy of the Local Government Amendment (Environmental Upgrade Agreements) Bill 2010 can be downloaded from the website of NSW Parliament.



Low Carbon Australia helping your competitive advantage


There is no better time for business and industry to take steps to improve the energy performance of their buildings and operations, helping reduce costs and become energy smart and carbon savvy.

Investing in building retrofits, smarter new energy technologies and industry process upgrades is critical for long-term sustainability and positioning for the low carbon economy. This can help Australian business retain competitive advantage and will also be kinder to the environment.

Low Carbon Australia is ready right now to provide business with clean energy finance in the form of loans, equipment leases and capital for equipment which will upgrade the efficiency of their operations or buildings. This offers  a smart way for business to take advantage of new energy savings technologies like LED lighting and highly efficient heating and cooling equipment through to advanced co-gen and tri-gen projects.

For further information regarding Low Carbon Australia's programs, visit www.lowcarbonaustralia.com.au


API/PFA - Building Better Returns Research Report

Research commissioned by the Australian Property Institute (API) and the Property Funds Association of Australia (PFA) is the first major Australian study to assess the added value of green office buildings in their financial performance. The research was undertaken by the University of Western Sydney (UWS) and the University of Maastricht, Netherlands in conjunction with Jones Lang LaSalle and CBRE.

The report identifies the future challenges and opportunities for the green office building agenda in Australia and provides the economic rationale for sustainable property investment and development.

Sponsors of the project are NAB and Brookfield Multiplex (Platinum Sponsors), Johnson Controls and Verdigris Capital (Gold Sponsors) and Cbus and Local Government Super (Supporting Sponsors).

Additional information: Building Better Returns Research Report (2386k)



API/PFA Seminar - Building Better Returns

 API/PFA in Sydney and Melbourne on Building Better Returns which was presented by Dr Nils Kok, co-author of the ground breaking US study Doing Well by Doing Good.

The main topics of discussion were:

  • Latest update on the US study
  • Discussion on emerging global trends
  • Sustainability credentials that international institutional investors are looking for
  • Views on the development of the sustainability/investment sector and the future drivers
  • What is happening in the Australian context - an overview of the Austrlian Research being undertaken by the University of Western Sydney and Maastricht University in conjunction with CBRE and JLL - "Building Better Returns?"

Click here to view the presentation by Nils Kok - Building Better Returns

Click here to view the presentation by IPD - Green Property Index


The A-Z of Property Sustainability

From ABGR to WGBC and everything about sustainability and commercial property in between.  Here's PFA's new A-Z Guide to sustainability.  What exactly are absorption chillers?  What's tri-generation?  What does "ESG" stand for? What's "FTSE 4 Good"?  All the major acronyms, government programs and funding bodies are defined here, with links for further reading.  A product of the ADPIA Sustainability Committee.

Click here to download a copy of the PFA A-Z of Property Sustainability

While the opportunities associated with embracing sustainability may have been overlooked previously (with the belief that it is just an “additional cost”), recent research and emerging industry response has confirmed there can be substantial benefits for investing in property with strong sustainability criteria. Such benefits may include:

 - Greater returns
 - Tighter yields
 - Better lease covenants
 - Rent premium
 - Lower outgoings
 - Long-term security

Education segments and sustainability market updates will be posted on this website regularly and ADPIA undertakes to further educate members on emerging sustainability trends via the annual conference and other forums as required.



PRI (Principals for Responsible Investment) Report

Property & Sustainability Report

Drapac Sustainability Presentation

PFA (formerly ADPIA) Mandatory Disclosure of Office Building Energy Efficiency



Australian Conservation Foundation

Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council

Best Foot Forward

City of Melbourne

Department of Environment and Heritage NSW


EPA Victoria



Green Building Council of Australia

GPT Group

ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability

Institute for Global Ethics

National Australian Built Environment Rating System

National Centre for Sustainability

Property Council of Australia

Responsible Investment Association Australasia

Rocky Mountain Institute

Social Venture Network


Sustainable Melbourne

Sustainable Melbourne Fund

Sustainability Victoria
The Sustainable Living Foundation

The Wilderness Society

UN Global Compact

Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy

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